Case Study: Ann Taylor

Radio Endorsements Boost Sales for Ann Taylor

A historic fashion brand, and widely known for using mostly print, direct mail and digital advertising, Ann Taylor hired Roth Radio to develop a customized radio marketing plan to help drive sales growth. Entering the all-important spring season, Ann Taylor was looking for a way to promote different weekly price points and special offers.

In an effort to protect the Ann Taylor brand, we wanted to ensure consistency was maintained as we ventured into a new medium. We developed a creative radio campaign that used celebs like Heidi Klum and Stacey London, who appeared in their print campaigns, to serve as brand ambassadors as they recorded testimonials for radio. 

The campaign not only enhanced the Ann Taylor brand, but significantly drove sales up in Ann Taylor’s Radio selected test markets, which included both their strongest stores as well as several of its underperforming markets.

Ann Taylor saw an initial lift in sales (ranging from 8%-11%) in our test markets. In addition, Roth Radio's efforts to help grow Ann Taylor's CRM database, a secondary element of our program, yielded a significant number of enrollments.

Radio became an ongoing part of the Ann Taylor promotional marketing program, and was eventually rolled out to its' sister brand, Loft (also executed by Roth Radio).