Case Study: Dishin' Digital

B&H Photo, then a small photography and consumer electronics retailer, hired Roth Radio to help promote their in-store business, as they were moving to a new location and expanding the store significantly. Already well-known among professional photographers, B&H was seeking to increase their customer base and sales among every day consumers.

Roth Radio recognized a huge opportunity in highlighting customer service and technology expertise, in which B&H has a significant advantage compared to major competitors like Best Buy or Amazon.

We created an ongoing daily branded-content feature called “Dishin Digital” (sponsored by B&H) which airs on the the leading news radio stations in New York.  Heard by millions of people each week, the segment focuses on new and exciting tech products and trends, and combined with accompanying B&H commercials has helped and continues to elevate the brand’s awareness, reputation and credibility in the tech world.

While initially only airing the feature 17 times per week, listener interest drove the station to expand the program and sponsorship to over 30 times weekly at no additional cost to the client. The “Dishin’ Digital” feature has had a significant impact on consumer perceptions of B&H and along with our radio campaign has helped B&H become the highest volume camera and electronics retail store in the country.