Case Study: Christmas Tree Shops

Radio Campaign Results in Huge Sales Increase for Christmas Tree Shops

Don’t you just love a bargain? Christmas Tree Shops, an 83 store division of Bed, Bath & Beyond, known for selling a variety of merchandise from affordable gifts to furniture, was looking for an ad campaign that they hoped would generate a significant ROI and not break the bank. They approached Roth Radio to help them open a new store. The only catch? We had to open a store called “Christmas Tree Shops” in Florida, where brand awareness was low, in the middle of July.

Our reaction? No problem.

We devised a strategy to give all the leading area DJs a $200 gift credit for an in-store shopping spree and then share with their audience on the shopping experience. What resulted was huge endorsements and a personalized introduction to the store for all of their listeners. It was so successful that we invited the DJs back three weeks after the initial opening to do it all again.

Sales exceeded projections by over 20% for the grand opening, and the same strategy has been employed for various other Christmas Tree Shops stores for both grand openings as well as ongoing general campaigns.