Case Study: Gold's Horseradish

Expanding the Horseradish Category

When Gold’s Horseradish wanted to see sales growth, they came to Roth Radio. The brand had a long history of sales spikes limited to holiday seasonality, but they wanted to see increased year-round sales activity. And since Gold’s was already a market leader for Horseradish products, we concluded that in order to grow sales we were going to have to grow the category entirely.

We started with creative radio campaign by positioning Gold’s Horseradish as a product that should be used year round, by creating seasonal recipes and branding Gold’s as the condiment that adds a “delicious difference” to lots of every-day foods.

The test was a huge success. We increased Gold’s trial, frequency of use and sales went up significantly within the first 12 months. Test markets saw a 15% growth in sales in year one and nearly another 10% in subsequent years. Radio became a mainstay for Gold’s Horseradish and was expanded additional markets as well as to their other product lines (Gold’s Mustard, Wasabi and Salsa). Roth Radio continued to increase Gold's success until it was recently acquired by a large multinational food company.