Make Room for Radio

From news to talk shows, from live sporting events to playing the latest hits, radio radiates energy and excitement. And now it seems advertisers are very much re-discovering the power of radio, and including it in their media plans to strengthen and amplify their media mix.  

Nielsen and Entercom recently teamed up and released their 2018 Guide to Radio, and the numbers almost seem too good to be true. Among some of the most impressive statistics, the 2018 Guide notes is that radio increases overall campaign awareness, enhancing awareness up to 261 percent when radio advertising is married with mobile internet advertising. Yes…radio doesn’t just double, it almost triples awareness to your advertising campaign! Not to mention, the average ROI for radio is 10 dollars for every dollar spent.

Finally, the 2018 Guide to Radio recalls radio’s effect on memory, which it turns out that radio amplifies TV advertising memorability by 35 percent. Needless to say, radio isn’t a fad, ratings aren’t deteriorating and listenership isn’t declining. With 240-plus million weekly adult listeners, your message will be heard loud and clear with radio, a solution that is proven to drive results.


240+ Million


Weekly Listeners