A Companion For Your Commute

Traffic congestion across the United States continues to worsen every year and correspondingly so are the amount of expected delays and commuting times for travelers. In some cities, Americans on average spend over 7 hours commuting to and from work weekly by car. Add in those of us who use public transportation and commutes increase to as long as 9.5 hours weekly.

While none of us enjoy long commutes, this is good news for radio. As Edison Research’s Share of Ear® studies consistently show, when people are in their cars, AM/FM Radio is overwhelmingly the dominant audio companion time and time again – with 67% of all listening accounted to broadcast radio.

RRG - blog commuting infographic.png

Coming in at second place, SiriusXM accounts for roughly 14% of audio listenership. And while podcasts listenership continues to grow exponentially; Edison Research notes 22% of podcast listening takes place in the car. With the slew of topics and podcast shows available and growing daily, there is a something for everyone to enjoy.

For the 77% of Americans commuting by car, audio is the number one companion and friend. As a medium which entertains, informs and educates it’s listers, there isn’t just one type of audience you can reach with radio. Through traffic, news and weather reports, many are informed before they even turn on their computer at work. Loyal listeners can engage with their favorite DJ through call-ins, social media and attend special events hosted by their companion…like an ongoing friendship.

And finally, radio is great for brands to reach consumers. With 93% of all Americans (over 300 million) tuning in to radio each week, radio carries powerful potential to help elevate your brand and drive the right customers to your business.