Radio Ads Increase Curiosity

Nowadays, there are more online shoppers than ever before. Marketers concentrate their advertising efforts in the online realm hoping to steer those shoppers to their websites. But, what exactly is spurring them to go there in the first place? There are several advertising mediums out there that claim to be the reason behind the drive to search online, but there's one that's stands out in the crowd.

A recent study commissioned by the Radio Advertising Bureau and performed by Sequent Partners showed that radio advertising generates, on average, a remarkable 29% incremental lift in Google search activity.

So, how do you suppose radio is accomplishing this feat? Here are three reasons why radio ads can increase curiosity to a brand, product or service.


Morning and Midday Exposure

The RAB study reported that the highest searches occurred during the morning and midday hours, precisely when people are commuting to work and running errands. Most audiences listen to the radio in their cars or while getting work done at home. According to the study, morning hours noticed a 33% increase in online search activities, while midday hours increased by 32%.

Radio Already has their Attention

Radio listeners like to enjoy music, which can uplift or inspire them throughout the day. When the music stops and the commercials start, listeners don’t just completely tune out. Audiences continue to remain attentive to what's being said, even if they're doing other things. If something sparks their interest, listeners often grab their phone and search online. The more listeners hear the same advertising message, the better they will remember the product or service too.

Building Trust

The use of radio personalities have long been a popular and proven method for increasing sales. People listen to their favorite radio hosts and sometimes even follow them for years as they relocate from station to station. As listeners get to know the person behind the mic, they tend to value and trust their opinions more. When radio personalities promote a product or service, it is as if it comes with their seal of approval.

The RAB study also makes it clear that radio is the number one reach medium for advertising. If you're not using radio in your marketing campaign, then you should consider it. A 29% lift in online search is no laughing matter when you want to increase your brand awareness and profit margins.