Tune Into Radio, Turn Up Your Results

The world of advertising has dramatically changed since the good people of Sterling Cooper were creating campaigns. And, while the migration towards newer forms of digital media have their allure, make no mistake, radio advertising is thriving more than ever as savvy advertisers reach and engage the right audiences and, most importantly, maximize marketing ROI. Here’s why:

1. Audience.
According to commercial jingle juggernaut American Music Concepts, more than 90 percent of Americans—243 million people with unique listening preferences, needs and buying habits—engage with radio each week. If an advertiser has a firm understanding his or her business and its target markets and buyer personas, the opportunities are endless.

2. Affordability.
Want to reach the same audience and match the message frequency a radio campaign can using print or television. You're going to have to double your budget.

3. Time efficiency.
According to Strategic Media, radio production and media buy turnaround can happen in as little as two weeks. This gives advertisers a chance to produce and test an ad, judge its effectiveness and make any adjustments needed to optimize the campaign for the long haul.

4. Results.
It has been proven that radio has a much better ROI—in fact, 17% higher—than TV advertising. Additionally, a recent Nielsen study found a direct link between radio advertising and brick-and-mortar retail sales—on average, each dollar invested in radio generated a sales return of $6 from listeners within 28 days.

There is a lot to consider when assembling the perfect marketing mix, but when weighing the benefits of radio, one thing is abundantly clear: radio is alive and well, and your audience is listening.