Why Radio is the Simple Choice

These days nothing is simple. Cars are driving themselves, Amazon’s Alexa is telling me what to wear to work, and the first robot citizen, Sophia, is dating more celebrities than I will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Technology continues to blend into every part of our lives, but with all these new accessories, it’s important to leave room for the technical glitches and latest versions in order to stay up-to-date. As radio approaches its' 100th birthday, it seems to be the only simple constant in the equation of media platforms.

Today, many of us feel increasingly addicted to their phones, but radio has always remained a loyal friend. In fact, 93% of the U.S. population listens to AM/FM radio even without including digital listeners, and the numbers continue to climb. The statistics speak for themselves…as radio rakes in one of the largest audiences and is one of the few mediums we don’t consistently need to learn how to use. There are no new updates, just new platforms where the medium integrates well with new technology, creating more opportunities for us to listen and for advertisers to get their message heard.

Aside from traditional AM/FM radio being simple, it’s also friendly. Researches note that radio gives listeners a sense of companionship, providing mood enhancement features. In the end, unlike social media, traditional radio is never deceptive, depressing or difficult to use. Radio is simple and with the number of listeners they currently have, is it clearly appreciated.