Radio Thrives In Every Season

In today’s digital marketplace, traditional media like Radio is often overlooked. However, brands must not forget that radio is an essential part of any media plan. According to the NYMRAD (New York Market Radio) Quarterly Market Report, “The value of Radio has increased in the last year. While other players such as Pandora and Spotify continue to disrupt the way we listen to audio, terrestrial Radio still has the furthest reach.” So, why is Radio still relevant? The report states that, “Radio reaches 93% of the population each day…and still dominates in-car entertainment.” And with innovations like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, Radio once again lives in the home and not just in the car.

Radio is a powerful medium for advertisers to get their best results, as it successfully saturates itself into our lives. NYMRAD mentions during the summertime, “New York Radio listeners are active all summer in outdoor activities such as grilling, gardening, and boating.” Listeners love to be outside and radio can play as a soundtrack to those summer activities.

It is clear that Radio media is alive and well, building recognition and cause action faster than any other advertising platform. While digital is great when your goal is to reach individuals, Radio powerfully motivates thousands with every airing.