3 Ways Radio Can Rock Your ROI

What do you think of when you hear the word radio? The on air-personalities you listen to when you wake up? Your morning commute? Turning up the volume when you hear a song you love? For marketers, when they hear the word radio, there’s one thing that should come to mind: great advertising opportunities.

1. Radio is social
Social media like Facebook connects friends and family in a similar way that radio connects listeners to DJs, musicians and advertisers. Have you ever listened to the radio and heard, "This weekend we'll be at the mall with Brand XYZ, come down and hang out with us!"? When people attend these events, they get more acquainted with the brand that’s sponsoring. They get a chance to try products, experience the brand and meet with brand ambassadors. It’s an unique way to introduce an audience to a new brand, introduce an established brand to a new audience, or promote new products to an existing audience.

2. Radio is local
Radio connects your brand to listeners on a personal level. Radio is one of the few mediums left that is still heavily local and widely used. Hearing an ad tailored to a geographical area catches a listener's attention. For example, imagine hearing these two ads in Pittsburgh:

  1. "Spend your Sundays watching football with us." 
  2. "Spend your Sundays watching the Steelers with us."

That small personalization creates a relationship with the listener that could be the difference between them trusting and buying from you or flipping to the next station. 

3. Radio is affordable
Compared to spends on other traditional media such as print and TV, radio is considerably more efficient. In fact, the cost of reaching some audiences with radio is almost 60% less expensive than newspapers and almost half the cost of TV. Additionally, a recent study by Nielsen found that radio could generate up to a $17 return for every $1 spent. With those kinds of numbers, how can you resist testing a radio ad campaign?